10 Insurance Legal Tips

  1. Call your insurance company as soon as possible to report a claim even if you believe damage is minimal or below the deductible;


  1. Show all damaged property to the insurance company adjusters and do not repair or throw anything out until the insurance company adjuster sees the damage;


  1. Take lots of videos and photos of all damaged property;


  1. Keep all receipts for all repairs and pay by check or credit card if possible;


  1.   Tarp your roof and take measures to prevent further damage to your property;


  1. Hire a water extraction or mold Remediation Company to consult with;


  1. Locate the policy or contact your agent;


  1. Immediately forward all carrier letters or a Sworn Proof of Loss or a request for an inspection to your adjuster or attorney;


  1. Forward a recorded statement request or Examination under Oath (EUO) request to your public adjuster or attorney or your claim may be barred;

10. If the carrier wants an engineer or expert, you must hire an engineer or expert with the help of your public adjuster or attorney.

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