10 Insurance Legal Tips

Call your insurance company as soon as possible to report a claim even if you believe damage is minimal or below the deductible;   Show all damaged property to the insurance company adjusters and do not repair or throw anything out until the insurance company adjuster sees the damage;   Take lots of videos and [...]

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People’s Trust Insurance sues dozens of its own policyholders in claims disputes

Suddenly, People’s Trust Insurance is suing dozens of its own policyholders. The Deerfield Beach-based insurer, opening a new front in the long-running war over third-party claims assignments, has filed more than 80 lawsuits against customers it accuses of failing to comply with the requirements of their policies. After suing policyholders in Broward and Miami-Dade counties [...]

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Attorneys object to Citizens’ water damage fraud allegations

Fraud. To hear officials of Citizens Property Insurance Corp and their allies in Florida's insurance industry talk, fraudsters in South Florida are about to destroy the homeowner insurance market for everyone by driving costs to unsustainable levels. Water damage claims from the tri-county area — resulting mostly from broken pipes — are to blame, they [...]

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Attorneys: Restrictions to legal fees in insurance claims cases would be challenged

ven if lawmakers finally agree this year on measures aimed at curbing home insurance claims abuses, court challenges will likely follow, plaintiffs attorneys say. The proposed reforms take aim at attorneys’ income streams by seeking to revise a right that’s been part of Florida law since 1893 — the right of insurance customers to collect [...]

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Citizens Insurance offers to settle 6,500 Hurricane Irma lawsuits

State-run Citizens Property Insurance Corp. wants to expedite the settlement of about 6,500 open lawsuits related to Hurricane Irma. On Wednesday, the company’s chief claims officer, Jay Adams, said Citizens is offering to pay to have appraisers review the disputes and forge resolutions. And if those appraisers can’t agree, Citizens also will pay for umpires [...]

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When insurers demand appraisal, you lose the right to sue

Are you thinking of suing your insurance company because it won’t agree to pay what your contractor says is needed to fix your hurricane-damaged roof? Don’t be surprised if you open your mailbox one day and find the option to sue is gone because your insurer is sending your dispute to an alternative resolution process [...]

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Insurance Companies send settlement checks to Hurricane Irma victims with string attached

Some Florida homeowners are discovering their insurance companies are employing an interesting strategy to avoid future claims costs. Settlement checks sent by at least three companies include language stating that accepting the check releases the companies from further obligations connected to the claim. Plaintiffs attorneys say they have major problems with this strategy: It tries [...]

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